Today, I’m Registering Republican To #WalkTowards Danger

Today, I am registering as a Republican. But let me make this perfectly clear, this is not a #WalkAway post — in fact, this is a #WalkTowards post.

If there is one value that has been instilled in me over my lifetime, it is to #WalkTowards the danger. I come from a family of veterans and blue-collar workers who worked the coal mines and steel mills. A family of truck drivers and farmers. A family that has been in this country since the time of the Mayflower and have fought in every single one of its wars from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror.

It was Mr. Rogers who said to us, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” This is about being a helper and to #WalkTowards the biggest problem America is facing.

Listen, the Democratic Party has their own issues that they need to resolve. Their messaging and leadership have a lot to be desired right now. But currently, most of the Republican Party is playing with fire as it refuses to admonish Donald Trump for the anti-American sentiment he has been spewing since he has taken office. From Charlottesville, to NATO, to turning his back on every employee of the federal government when he would not stand for them, but instead for Putin, Donald Trump has taken what makes America great and has turned America into an isolated, wannabe autocracy, with a leader who would can not stand tough on any single issue outside of populist rhetoric.

With him at the helm, the Republican Party has become a national security threat. As I watch people leave the Republican Party, I wonder why they aren’t fighting for the heart and soul of what was once the party of Abraham Lincoln. While they are making their voice heard by leaving, I can’t help but wonder how much stronger their voice might be if they continued to fight from within.

My voice will be made with my votes and my dollars. I am going to #WalkTowards the threat and vote for sane Republicans in the primaries and support their campaigns. Why? Because the Trump Republicans are a danger to the very fabric of this country — and I’m a helper.

Keeping America safe from within our borders. Not affiliated with DHS. #resist #countryoverparty //

Keeping America safe from within our borders. Not affiliated with DHS. #resist #countryoverparty //