AltHomelandSec’s 2020 Endorsement

Hello friends, the time has finally come. I know you were all so very eager to hear my 2020 endorsement as if some anonymous persona on Twitter with 120k followers actually matters in framing your thinking.

You’re an independent thinker with your own ideas of what makes America great and what will bring America back from the brink of where we currently stand. You’re likely the audience that is in the top 1% of most-informed voters. So why does my endorsement matter?

It doesn’t.

My endorsement for 2020 is to get out there and vote in the primaries for yourself. Vote for your own thoughts and morals. Vote for who you think would be the best president — not what some talking head tells you to do. Who do you feel in your gut is the best choice and why? Vote for that person. Then when the general election occurs on November 3, 2020, vote for the person on the ballot that has the best chance of saving America from self-destruction, even if it wasn’t your preferred candidate.

America needs you now more than ever. Bring some friends to vote with you. Maybe volunteer at voting events designed to get people registered. Getting people out to vote will diminish any outside attempt to influence our elections. Make it a landslide. Show the world the power of the real American values that have made this country a shining beacon of light in the past.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your country. The future of our country, and perhaps the world, depends on it.



Keeping America safe from within our borders. Not affiliated with DHS. #resist #countryoverparty //

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