A Better Democratic Slogan

  • “Plus, policies are better than catchy slogans.” One of the perceived issues with the Democratic party is they do not have a set of core values and a set of policies that align with those core values. Focusing on what policies the party wants to research and introduce into the legislative process is imperative in fixing that perception. The current slogan means nothing without that vision and then simplifying that vision so everyone across the political spectrum can understand how it helps America and themselves. As an “unaffiliated” voter who considers themselves a center-left Independent, this speaks to me.
  • “…riling the Republican base.” In my opinion, one of the greatest missteps by the Democratic party of the 2016 campaign was trying to fight the current president at his own game. This is where he excels — maybe it’s something only New Yorkers and New Englanders understand. Making a snarky comment here or there may help rile up your own base, but you also have to understand the effect it has on the opposition. I like to compare it “whiteboard” material you hear about in sports. It only drives those against you to do more to defeat you, it gives them an edge. The mentioning of “deals” is an example where not only are you going to be less influential if you fail, you’re going to inadvertently fire up the opposition when the president brings it up because it plays into his public perception as a “deal maker”, whether that is accurate or not.
  • With that being said, “An American Resolution” was not my first idea. My first idea was a single word, “Uncompromised”. However, this gives the illusion that democrats aren’t looking to create bipartisanship. I still like the power behind that though.



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